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Tower of Greed: Released!

2009-05-20 15:47:05 by EpicShadow

Tower of Greed is finally out, check it out Here!


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2009-05-28 11:17:32

yay first comment!
oh yeah and the game is FANTASTIC! =3


2009-05-28 18:00:16

The game is really cool, but I was wondering if I play it now and get all the achievements am I gonna get all the medals for it when they come out, or will I have to redo every thing again. I'm pretty into right now, but I don't want to have to re-do it over again.

EpicShadow responds:

I'm fairly certain that you will keep all your data when we add in medals. The swf name doesn't change to my knowledge, which means it'll still load the same data on your computer. We'll have to see for sure when they're up.


2009-06-01 17:45:07

Although I hate the game as I said in my review, when are the medals actually coming, am biting my nails here in excitment. You better not make a sequel because I've been playing it approxmately 12 hours a day and I would like to get my life back.


2009-06-01 22:19:19

like the game but when are the medals coming? its mon afternoon and still no medals ?:(


2009-06-06 23:13:44

Nice job on this game it kept me entertained for a good 3 hrs.
Just 1 Question Since i got like 40something trophies already do i have to delete my file just to get the medals when they get out?


2009-06-08 14:50:39

I hope those medals go out quickly


2009-06-18 12:49:02

It's been 10 days waiting D:
You're still adding them right?


2009-06-26 21:46:25

still waiting for the medals, so far for about 3 months now >:(


2009-09-06 21:19:02

Almost 4 months and not a single medal -.-


2009-11-19 22:11:00

6 months and no medals.


2009-11-21 13:43:11

Wtf with you! All this time and no medals, at least you can say you won´t add them.


2009-11-25 22:13:12



2009-11-28 19:05:54

The exit door wont work anymore...


2009-11-28 19:11:40

Please disregard my previous comment


2009-12-14 19:19:53

That game was THE most addicting game I've playd on Newgrounds. I would love to see a sequel(maybe called "Castle Of Riches?"), or at least some more excellent games from you.